Marek Woznica

Welcome to my website. Let me tell you a bit about myself ; I was born in London, June 1964, and lived there until the age of 24. In that time I got my "O"levels at school and an "A"level in Art at Croydon Technical College. Instead of going on to university I stepped into my father's shoes, who had established a successful fashion jewellery manufacturing business which did a roaring trade until his death in 1982. A big part of my childhood was spent in Dad's workshop learning the trade. The most skillfull part of the whole process is carving the original master patterns in pewter. My Dad wanted me to be an army officer, but I was determined to be an artist!

The years rolled by, and with the business in decline I left and started my own family in southwest Wales, after a few years of living a travelling life on the road in an old bus I converted into a home. I lived in Wales for 8 years and in that time developed my engineering skills. I attained a qualification in engineering machining, and taught myself welding and fabricating, and worked in industry for a while using these skills.

In 1994 I established Metal Storm as an outlet for my artistic urges which still remained strong. I developed my own style for jewellery and trinket making which was centered around consciousness and alchemy rather than fashion, with the help of the family business in London. In 1998 the family business finally folded, and with the equipment I inherited, I moved from Wales and established my own workshop in the Forest of Dean, where I combine all my manufacturing skills and experience. As you can see in the Chalices, Goblets, and Turned Trinket Boxes sections, I have developed my craft further, adding a touch of woodturning into the mix, which has allowed me to combine timber and metal in a perfect blend of Art and Engineering.

Recently Marek has re-located to Project Workshop in Andover, Hampshire.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss a commission for a specialised project,




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