Marek Woznica

Handmade by Marek Woznica a new project, launched Christmas 2014.

Turned wood / pewter chess set by Marek Woznica .

Board / Box
Solid American Black Walnut and American Ash entirely from re-cycled offcuts, all natural colours. 64 squares, 48 strips (sides), and 40 dowels turned individually on my lathe, then assembled on a datum. Contains all the chessmen, handmade pewter hardware. At the front and rear of the box ornate pewter catches and hinges feature Celtic zoomorphs and White Eagle feathers.

Turned American Black Walnut and rippled Ash from re-cycled offcuts, all natural colours with detailed pewter sections.

King ~ the Imperial State Crown.
Queen ~ the crown formed by a droplet, frozen in time.
Bishop ~ representation of the Mitre, and the Cope.
Knight ~ solid pewter Seahorse carved in metal by hand.
Rook ~ tower complete with pewter rampart, cornices and corbels.
Pawn ~ classic turned figure in one piece with sphere...all chessmen have matching pewter inlay around base, featuring White Eagle feathers.

Price on application.

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If you are interested in a commission please contact me for pricing.

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