Beautiful wood/pewter Trinket boxes. Each one is individual. The lid of each box is in-laid with a variety of different woods to create a multi-tonal
effect. Availability by request. Completely Exclusive to Metal Storm. Wood sourced from sustainable/natural sources.

Due to the specific nature of the species of wood involved, different types may vary in availability. We cannot guarantee the availability of any particular kind of timber. It's a case of using what we have in stock, or if the customer specifies a preferred timber we will do our best to obtain it.

Box sizes are meant as a guide and there are no standard sizes. The type and characteristics of the wood used dictate the final form.

Click here for availability By Request

Contact us with an availability request and we will get right back to you with a list of boxes currently in stock. Boxes can also be made to order.

Size: | Large - Diameter: x | Medium - Diameter: x | Height Approx. x |

Large Elm Trinket Box

Large Elm trinket box.

Turned Elm box, lid inlaid with overlapping discs, two lizards cast in pewter serve as handles.

Availability/Purchase Request

Diameter: 245mm (9 3/4")
Height: 90mm (3 5/8")

Shown: Catalog # TB01

Price (Large): £100.00 GBP





Medium Elm Trinket Box

Medium Elm trinket box. As above but smaller with less inlay work.

Availability/Purchase Request

Diameter: 200mm (8")
Height: 90mm (3 5/8")

Shown Catalog # TB02

Price (Medium): £75.00 GBP



Moon Phase Trinket Box

Moon Phase trinket box. Lid of box in-laid with a variety of different woods to create a multi-tonal

Availability/Purchase Request

Diameter: 270mm (10 5/8")
Height: 90mm (3 5/8")

Shown: Catalog # TB03

Price (Large): £100.00 GBP





 Scorpion Trinket Box

Scorpion Trinket Box. Plain turned trinket box with cast Scorpion as handle.

Availability/Purchase Request

Diameter: 130mm (5")
Height: 60mm (2 1/2")

Shown: Catalog # TB04

Price (Small): £35.00 GBP


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