The primary goblet design pays homage to the mighty Oak tree, and sometimes I use timber which is hundreds of years old. I always try to use fallen deadwood or seasoned branches from trees that are still alive and well, so that no trees are harmed in the making of my products. I've developed slight variations in the metalwork to accommodate other beautiful types of wood, such as fruitwood and other hardwoods.

The metalwork is all hand-cast lead-free pewter from my own hand made master patterns and subsequent moulds. I've used impressions of real Oak leaves to create the decorative "shells" on the bowls. I've developed the methods for making the goblets so that perfect matching sets can be achieved, and the final stage involves an inner seal of pure natural beeswax, however red wine may dye the inside purple. Please email me to see what I have in stock or make your specifications.

Size: All Approx.  90mm (3 1/2") Circumference by 210mm (8 1/4") Height
Average Weight:  Goblets   250g (10oz) ------------- Chalices   400g (16oz)

Forest Goblet Special Edition

A standard Forest Goblet finished with a ring of polished pewter, a two part stem with a wood insert and a solid wooden base.

Availability/Purchase Request

Shown: Catalog # G01-SE

Price: £100.00 GBP





 Oak Goblet Dedicated (Standard Edition)

The Oak Goblet . Stem and base in pewter.

Availability/Purchase Request

Shown: Catalog # G02-STD

Price: £75.00 GBP



Oak Chalice Standard Edition

The standard Oak Goblet with an extra external bowl of Oak leaves around the cup. These castings were made with impressions of real Oak leaves. Stem and base in pewter.

Availability/Purchase Request

Shown: Catalog # C01-STD

Price: £95.00 GBP





 Oak Chalice Special Edition

As above with a further finishing ring of polished pewter around the rim, a two part stem with an oak insert and a solid oak base.

Availability/Purchase Request

Shown Catalog # C02-SE

Price: £120.00 GBP

Also Available: Standard Oak Chalice
Price: £95.00 GBP



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